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Dark's Muse List
Original Characters
Dr. Grey
Mad Scientist

[personal profile] greymatter
@The Games - [personal profile] gamemakers

[personal profile] warrior_become
@The Games - [personal profile] gamemakers

[personal profile] itsdark
@The Games - [personal profile] gamemakers
Dominik Dresden
Serial Killer

[personal profile] just_a_game
- Homeless
Fan Characters
Medusa Gorgon
Soul Eater

[personal profile] serpent_of_eden
- Homeless
Crona Gorgon
Soul Eater

[personal profile] screamresonance
- Homeless
BLU Scout
Team Fortress 2

[personal profile] freakinblurhere
- Homeless
Ichigo Kurosaki

[personal profile] blacksunrising
- Homeless
Rukia Kuchiki

[personal profile] whitemoondancing
- Homeless
Hollow Ichigo

[personal profile] thenamelessone
- Homeless

(Credit to [community profile] tookthestars)
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Things To Know:
Credit for the concept of the grue race goes to [personal profile] i_id.

Some ovMennet
Age: Looks about 27
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lbs
Build: Bony frame with proportionally long limbs.
Eyes: Has disproportionately large eyes (about the size of his palms), entirely glossy black, nearly always concealed behind opaque black sunglasses.
Hair: Ink-black hair. Choppy jaw-length cut.
Skin tone: Very pale

Clothes: Wears mostly casual wear, always covering as much skin as possible.  Does not ever wear shorts or short sleeves. Likes turtlenecks and corduroy and wide-brimmed hats.


-Mouth is somewhat too wide for a human, and his teeth are very small and shark-like.
- Has a scarified symbol on his back.
- Fingers and toes are slender and long, with an extra joint. Has six fingers to a hand and six toes to a foot.

Art References/Visual Examples & Art Reference Credit )
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Things To Look At:
gruesome - Art Reference Page!

Things To Know:
Credit for the concept of the grue race goes to [personal profile] i_id.

name: Some ovMennet
weight: 178lbs
height: 7'5" tall, 11'3" long

- He's a delicate little monster, four long, gangly legs and four spindly arms, and a body lke a centaur patterned after a large hound (think sighthounds), rather than a horse. The chest of his lower body is deep-sprung and narrow, and his upper body is willowy, proportionally narrower than a human's torso.

- Eight limbs, four arms (the two pairs of arms are just one above the other, with the lower pair just slightly smaller) and four legs. Hands and feet have six long, thin fingers/toes that all have an extra joint and are tipped with small claws. One of the six toes is an opposable thumb.

- Eight eyes, four lined up along each side of the head from largest to smallest.

- Two mouths, one beneath the other, filled with tiny shark-like teeth in multiple rows (like a shark's). Teeth are evenly spaced, like the teeth of a saw blade.

- Fur is very short on face and back, shaggier around ribs and the upper parts of his limbs. Very black and glossy.

- Fur crest stretching from the peak of the skull to the bottom of the neck, about 2-3" long, stiffens and rises when nervous, scared, or hostile.

- A scarified symbol is visible through the short fur on his back, his skin is naturally a dark blue-grey under the fur, and the scars are black.

Art References/Visual Examples & Art Reference Credit )

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